Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Great Load of Bollox

In a recent interview to recent to Geo TV, Pakistani lawyer C M Farooque asserted that the terrorist nabbed during the 26/11 siege in Mumbai, Amir Ajmal 'Kasab,' was apprehended by Nepali police in 2006 and handed over to Indian authorities to 'defame Pakistan!' 

He also claimed that he had filed an appeal in Nepal's Supreme Court, but fumbled several times when asked specifics such as the date on which he had filed the appeal. He also claimed that Ajmal and others went to Nepal on a 'business trip,' although multiple media reports have confirmed that he hailed from an impoverished family in Punjab (Pakistan), which would make it highly unlikely that he could afford any 'business trips.'

Now, a senior judge of the Nepal Supreme Court has said that he has no knowledge of any such case. He also said that Nepal had not handed over anybody to Indian authorities. 

A spokesperson for the Nepal Home Ministry categorically denied any such detention and said that the government had never detained or handed over any Pakistani travellers. Just last week, Ajmal's father cried out before a TV channel in Pakistan that Ajmal was his son and media reports showed that Pakistani intelligence officials were trying to cover his tracks.

The assertion by the lawyer seems to be of part of what the Indian Air Force described as 'a massive disinformation campaign being launched in Pakistan.' I fail to understand what India would gain by spending thousands of dollars to bomb its own hotels and kill its own citizens, just to 'defame' Pakistan. If India needed to 'defame' Pakistan, it would be as simple as bringing up the issue of young girls in the North West being buried alive in International fora. Remember that some Pakistani Senators had actually justified the act!

This stupid assertion by the lawyer seems to be a desperate move to avoid more International pressure on Pakistan, by creating more false stories. It will not work. British PM Gordon Brown certainly made that clear.

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