Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Greatest Crime of All

Genos, Greek for race, and cide, Latin for killing. The two words were put together to form a word to describe Nazism: genocide, the mass murder of an entire race of people.

Scream Bloody Murder, an aptly-titled presentation on CNN, looked into the history of genocide, and how successive governments around the world refused to do anything about it. The show was presented by Christiane Amanpour, CNN Chief International Correspondent.

Starting with the genocide of Christian Armenians in Turkey, the programme explored the Holocaust and spoke to survivors. It then moved on to other genocides: in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, in Rwanda, in Iraq by Saddam Hussain (this included a short description of the Gulf Wars), in Bosnia and finally, in Darfur. 

Each story was different, more gruesome than the last. But there was always something common: a person, or a group, who would not take it sitting down. They would stand up and scream, 'Bloody Murder!' And each time, powerful governments failed to listen, until it was too late.

Amanpour finished off the show with a sign of hope: the Internet, and its mass reach. She expressed hope that a mass movement of all people of the world would end the genocide in Darfur, the first of the 21st Century. Maybe then we could really say, never again.

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