Monday, December 8, 2008

Sheila Dikshit makes History

Sheila Dikshit is old: let's face it. But that's only by age! According to Delhi's voters, she's young at heart. That would explain how she managed to win over young voters when Delhi voted.

In a major setback for the BJP, the Congress won 42 seats in the 69-member assembly, just short os a two-thirds majority. Moreover, this gives Dikshit a third term, taking her into the ranks of Narendra Modi and NT Rama Rao. So what gave her the win? Well, her media-savvy image definitely helped her to connect with voters (the BJP's VK Malhotra was the diametric opposite). And more importantly, she has genuinely contributed to Delhi's development over the past decade.

More roads, better public transport and better infrastructure: she did it all, and more. Now, that's a winning formula if I've ever seen one.

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