Monday, January 12, 2009

AP's Irresponsible Opposition

The political fallout of the Rs. 7,000-crore Satyam Scam have taken an ugly turn in Satyam's State of origin, Andhra Pradesh. The opposition, which has formed a most opportunistic alliance in the state with the one-point objective of defeating the Congress Party in the 2009 elections, has been making irresponsible, baseless and inaccurate statements for some time now.

The Telugu Desam, led by former Chief Minister (and great friend of disgraced Ramalinga Raju) was the first to drop in its hat, declaring that Chief Minister YSR Reddy had walked off with the Rs. 7,000-crore. This was perhaps the most irresponsible thing he could have said: such a serious allegation needs definitive proof, not political vendetta. The only saving grace was his demand for a look into Maytas Infra.'s books, which is a fair demand.

The Communist parties have, in typical communist fashion, wreaked havoc without knowing what they're doing. First, they threatened to 'occupy' the land given to Satyam's sister-concern, Maytas Infrastructure Ltd. as part of government projects. They said that they would 'distribute' the land to the poor, without any proper planning or vision, effectively creating more slums. They also asked where the Rs. 7,000-crores went. Perhaps, if they read reports properly, they would realise that the money never existed in the first place, so how could it go anywhere?

The Opposition in Andhra Pradesh is playing dirty, cheap politics ahead of the elections. They are creating a bad image of AP in other states. Of course, almost every state has an Opposition that would do exactly what the ones in AP did (the one in West Bengal would do worse), but image is a major issue and Opposition leaders should only speak with proof, not political motivations. 

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Anonymous said...

No matter opposition had said, what happened to the the money. Is government able to find and recover this money from scandals and put it back in the system.
We have seen so many people punished for this kind of scandals, but money was not recovered.
As long as government cannot recover this money, opposition as well as common man has right to blame government.