Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking for Something Better

Let's face it: 2008 was a terrible year. Globally, the world sinked into recession and millions of people lost their jobs. Thousands of people lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Terrorists strikes became all too frequent in India. And I have just gone through the worst year of my life.

But the perpetual optimist that I try to be, I can only hope for a better 2009. Plenty can happen: a better government could be formed after the Federal Elections. Security could actually be tightened. More nuclear agreements could follow. The markets could find that elusive bottom. The possibilities are endless!

Then again, it could be a lot worse. For me, 2009 holds a lot. I'll have to admit myself into a University. Which one, I have no idea. Oh, and I'll be turning 18! 

Hoping for a better new year, keep reading Opinions 24x7!

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