Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The New Standard Approach

Pakistan's civilian government seems to have assumed a new "standard approach" in replying to India's evidence on 26/11. The following outlines what I've observed:

Stage 1: In Transit
India sends evidence or official statements. Pakistan reacts by saying that they are yet to receive it or are still processing it.

Stage 2: Rejection
Pakistan rejects whatever is handed over to it. The rejection is always followed by a flimsy story: they describe it as 'doctored,' say it is not adequate or simple say that they are still not convinced!

Stage 3: War Hysteria
Pakistan starts by accusing India of pushing the region towards war. It then flies PAF aircrafts over major cities, to tell its urban population (who watch the war hysteria on TV, GEO TV to be more specific) that nothing can defeat it. The Chief of Army Staff makes a few statements. And the nuclear card is finally pulled out.

Stage 4: Religious Rally
Religious leaders come out in support of Pakistan and almost always use the phrase 'lone Islamic nuclear power' in some way or the other. Effectively, they use religion and nationalism to cover everything and rally everyone behind the flag.

Step 5: External Help
Foreign leaders come to the region and 'defuse tensions.' Except British PM Gordon Brown, everyone takes a balanced stand.

And this goes on and on until another terrorist attack takes place.

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