Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rivers of Tears and Blood

GHAJINI (2008)
Producer: Geeta Arts under the Indian Films banner
Director: a R Murugadoss
Starring: Amir Khan, Jia Khan, Asin Thottumkal and others
Rating: **** of 5 (4 of 5)
Comments: Not safe for heart patients

From rivers of blood to screams of pain and anger to moments of pure love: Ghajini is a power-packed thriller that uses every trick in the book of thrillers. Amir Khan was the clear superstar: he metamorphoses from a rich businessman to the boy-next-door kind of guy to a murderous killer with short term memory loss - and makes it look easy to boot!

Now, this movie is supposed to have broken all box office records. And the reason is pretty clear: Amir eight-pack abs and relentless promotion clearly did the trick. His abs were truly phenomenal, putting even SRK's abs in Om Shanti Om to shame. Amir's acting complemented his look: the most powerful scene being the one where he breaks free of ropes tying him to a chair with animal-like ferocity and viciousness.

Souther beauty Asin kept her own in the face of more-experienced Amir. She was simply beautiful and her acting was quite good, although her character was a bit too LOUD. After a series of Southern heroines making it big in Bollywood, Asin was just what the audience was waiting for. Sadly, Jia Khan is not really worth waiting for. Her role is pretty limited, quite pointless at times. Rumour goes that her voice was dubbed to hide her accent. Well, that would be a real feather in her cap, wouldn't it?

The music of Ghajini was very good, the opening song and Behka being the best. Although the songs didn't exactly fit in the scene (then again, apart from Fashion, which movie's songs fit into their scenes?) but provide ample relief from the violence.

Oh, the violence. The audience would have left the theatre in tears, had the violence not numbed them. Blood and gore dominated the film. It was scary, though hardly crude. Just when you begin to smile at the Kalpana-"Sachin" courtship, you close your eyes as you are shocked out of your senses by the violence. That is just about the only negative thing about the film: the extreme use of violence. 

There were a few loopholes in the story, such as the question as to how the protagonist was able to create such an elaborate lifestyle in just fifteen minutes. There is also the sad realisation that the murdered lover never realises the true identity of her love. And the antagonists South Indian look and North Indian accent made him quite a funny brute indeed!

I recommend you to see the movie, it one of the better ones from 2008. Just don't think too much while watching it.