Sunday, January 11, 2009

Roadies 6: Eating Mud

Roadies is a new label on OTFS, designed to cover all editions of Roadies on MTV, from 5.0 onwards.

The first episode of Roadie 6 can easily be tagged the single most unfair episode ever. Although the first meeting of all 20 roadies was very good, sans any fights, the decision to divide them, almost at random, into a "safe" group and an "unsafe" one seemed over-the-top.

The selection of the "safe" group was random and highly questionable. For example, how is it that Devarshi and Paulomi were in the group, when any imbecile would say that they don't even deserve to be roadies in the first place! 

Now, as for the task. The ten "unsafe" roadies were regrouped into groups of five, each group having to complete an obstacle course made up of ropes, mud and paranthas. At the end, the green team, which included Ankur and Soniya, lost and were sent back immediately. What's more, the victorious yellow team was made to go through a vote out, where Sufi as removed. This was just too much for the audience: six roadies dismissed in the first episode, six good players. 

On Facebook, Nauman has been declared the new super-hunk. Palak has found a slew of people who dislike her. And one user from Dubai cleverly pointed out that in the preview video for Roadies 6, Sufi was shown boxing in a red vest, which means he is coming back. Now, that's keen observation!

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