Friday, April 24, 2009

IPE Results Declared

The Board of Intermediate Education, AP, declared the results for Second Year Intermediate (Vocational and General) at 11: 30 AM today. The results came as a surprise to some, in a good way and also in a bad way.

My marks are as follows:
Maths 2A: 75/75
Maths 2B: 75/75
Physics: 60/60
Chemistry: 60/60
English II: 90/100
Sanskrit II: 98/100
Phy. Practicals: 30/30
Chem. Practicals: 30/30

Adding to the First Year marks, my grand total comes to 980/1000 or 98%, a record for me!

Meanwhile, other marks from the college began to flow. Divya Ravi topped the IIT campus with 985/1000, including an amazing 97% in Eng. II. Aditya S. scored 977/1000. Other marks have reached the administration.

Overall, most students from S1 seem satisfied and even surprised by their marks. For example, I was sure that I would lose significant marks in Chemistry, but I didn't lose a thing! Also, I was guaranteed of losing at least one mark in Sanskrit because of a mistake in the MCQs, but again, I seemed to have lost just the bare minimum of two marks (1 mark per essay)! However, students from other campuses and even other sections of the IIT campus were not so lucky, and many felt rather disappointed by their marks.

However, the truth remains that these marks are not of much use. If a students scores 80% or more in MPC, they can write all the well-known competitive exams. Also, only MPC marks (and not language marks) will be counted for EAMCET. 

For those who did well, there isn't much time to celebrate. AIEEE will be held on Sunday from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. OTFS will be reporting from Army School, Ramakrishnapuram. (OTFS)


Kaushik said...

Oh My God !
98 % is godly , congratulations.
how many do you think got above 90 %?

Anonymous said...

how to get the actual marks???

Sushobhan Sen said...

The actual marks can accessed only through BSNL IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System). Dial 22222222 (that's eight 2's) on BSNL phone. Standard rates apply.

Or wait for your college to receive your marks memo.