Saturday, August 22, 2009

That's one month

Yes, it's been one month here in IIT Roorkee, Saharanpur Campus. I can't say it felt like just a day, but time flies really fast around here.

Currently, we are preparing for our Talent Night ("Freshers" Night for the non-DPTian), which is taking up our whole time. The lazybones who aren't participating in the hope that they can join the audience are in for a rude shock tomorrow. The design team - my team - need loads for extra hands, mostly for karmachari work, and that's where they come in! I'm also on the oh-so-important Anchor Team (not the toothpaste), with the entire class unanimously nominating me for the English Anchor post (I'm so touched!). Tomorrow is our first meeting and we have to prepare our whole script in a few hours.

So, what about studies? Our Mid-Sem I is on Sep. 3, so we're obviously worried. Okay, so we're not! But what can we do? There's time here for everything but studies! The second year pluses have no problem, since our lazy profs give grades, but we first years get ours from Roorkee, so we have to study ghis ghiske!

Now, today is a big day because it's the one-month anniversary for the first counselling students. Nothing special happened, but election campaigning ended tonight. The student council is a pretty big deal, so campaigns have to be effective. Of course, some of them know that they have no chance of winning, so they use the time to rag juniors. Nothing serious unless you're stupid enough though.

Now, I need to sleep. More later.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On my Table!


Second week at Department of Paper Technology. The food here is getting worse week by week, except for the Friday night feast, which is delicious except for the rubber-like paneer. Our rooms are comfortable, the bathrooms are not; they are currently clogged and any complaint here takes a solid week to register!

Our classes are going fairly badly: some professors are quite nice and teach well, while others are absolute devils who should not teach. Ever. It takes forever to find out where out tutorials are held, and sometimes we never do.

Ragging? Well, in the beginning it was there. Just light stuff: introduction and sometimes asking us to compile all the freshers' names and details. But then it started getting a little bit more serious. I won't elaborate, but a guy was left crying and so he complained to the Warden. That did it. The anti-ragging people stepped in and took some drastic measures. We always had an armed guard outside our hostels, now he seemed to become even more alert and strict. Freshers were gives a separate table in the mess, and this is being enforced pretty strictly. Rumour is that the seniors are now afraid of us because a single complain can do a great deal of damage. In that context, the affidavit everybody signed is working.

But that doesn't mean ragging is non-existent. It still happens, but in more subtle ways. For example, although everybody pays the fees, freshers are "unofficially" barred from playing in common room, tennis court, volleyball court, cricket/football ground and (most of the time) the basketball court. But apart from that, there is nothing. Senior-fresher interaction is nil.

Currently, apart from academics, the only thing everybody is talking about is going back home! Our 9-day mid-sem break, easily rounded off to 10 days by bunking a single day, is when just about everybody is going to go home, albeit for a short duration of time. Some of booked the tickets, others are going to this week. Only some people from Kerala are apprehensive because of the long train journey.

I haven't see TV ever since I left Hyderabad oh-so-many days back: that's a record for me! But thanks to the computer centre, we can access the Internet. Of course, Yahoo!, Facebook, GMail, Orkut etc. are all banned... but when did that ever stop an IITian?

Looking forward to our Rakshabandhan holiday tomorrow. Sadly, Independence Day fall on a Saturday this year, so it's a 'wasted holiday!' Nonetheless, holidays here are quite boring, because we can either study, sleep or laze around. The perils of being a fresher!