Sunday, July 18, 2010

And So Ends A Vacation

Well, today's my last day at home. It's been a pretty long summer vacation, probably the longest I've ever had. It felt really nice to be back home at first: the food, the ultra-comfortable bed, waking up whenever you want, the food, the feeling of living in a city, the food... so much to love!

However, as the days progressed, it got quite boring. I discovered new ways to pass time: CID, reading The Hindu's gigantic football pages, taking long walks to old destinations (and compiling a photograph album to that effect). The traditional pass-times were always there too: facebook, friends, family, news channels, movies etc.

There was, and still is, the anxiety around a branch change. The IIT system is so strongly positioned against students that they are never told anything, they have to find out for themselves. So, once I get back to DPT, IITR I'll have to make checking this a top priority.

Well, two months, great food, new clothes, and now it's time to get back. I'll have another End-Year Review in a little less than a year from now. But till then, OTFS will have regular updates!

(Series Concluded for 2010)

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