Monday, August 23, 2010

And the Horror Repeats

I went to DPT, Saharanpur the other day to catch up with old friends. I had a lot of expectations, hoping for masti and gossip.

What I got instead was a sense of disgust and anger. Old friends on whom I had reposed great trust have now turned into monsters while others have chosen to remain silent.

Apparently, a ragging free-for-all has been declared there and the "ingenious" barriers that separate the freshers' block has been surpassed by - wait for it - an open door leading to the terrace! So all the precautions and show have been negated by a lack of locks. Or of will, rather.

So, what I got to see was people who otherwise love to gossip in a friendly manner acting like sheer brutes, leaving no stone unturned to humiliate the freshers. Fortunately, it was mostly verbal and not even a handkerchief was displaced. Or maybe that was because I was there. Maybe. It was shocking and I'm not sure if I could really trust them anymore. Not even the one who supposedly signed up for the anti-ragging (defunct) squad.

The only nice part was when we gave the freshers a chaapo in the canteen. That's when I took control of it all and unleashed my bakr-skills on them. It was wonderful talking to them: a national-level swimmer who is damn sure to get a girlfriend even in IIT; a guy who can sing really well and dances well too; an aspiring inter-IITian; and a guy who has been described as "Bhon-II"!

I felt sad having left DPT because I felt that I could have been a really good friend of freshers like these and others. Maybe I could have made a difference too.

To the freshers I met: I'm sorry I couldn't have done more to stop what had happened. If I could, I would. You will hate DPT right now but trust me, in a week or two after the TN, it will get so much better. And in the end, you will love the place.

To my peers: feel the pain. Wake up and realise how much damage you are doing to yourself and others. Don't sit back and pretend nothing is happening, for that makes you a part of the crime. There are few opportunities in life to do some good to others. Don't miss this one. Love thy fresher as thyself.

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