Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Branch Change Formula

Well, good for you. I for one was never interested. I had whole plans drawn up on how to spend my five years at DPT and my life after that too. But then, my plans tend to assume too much.
So, I can't really tell you HOW to get a branch change. I don't think there is a standard formula (except that you need to pass Electronics at all costs!). Instead, let me just tell you how I spent my first year.

When it comes to getting good grades, there are three golden rules:
  1. Pay attention in class. I know, this can be deathly difficult but if you can take in whatever is being taught in class, half your work is done right there. Jot down points in class so that you can remember them. You could very well sit in a lecture like it's a movie, but a movie lasts 2-3 hours while you have 42 hours of lectures.
  2. Complete your tuts on time and by yourself. It's very easy to copy tuts from the ghissu of the class but it won't help you in any way. You can refer to as many books as you want and ask your friends for help, but at the end, you need to write down your answers without having to turn left or right all the time. Also, if you got a tut on last week's topics this week, then you must complete it by the end of the week. There's no point in piling up work.
  3. Study for exams a few days in advance. You might be a genius but studying for the mid-terms 2-3 days in advance and the end-terms 1-2 weeks in advance will make sure that you don't crash-land during the exam. Remember, everybody is almost equally intelligent and hard work is what makes the difference.
So, now that you've got these three things done, what do you do? After classes, you'll actually have plenty of time to devote to non-academic activities. Studying for a mere 1 hour on weekdays after classes and 2-3 hours a day on weekends is enough for a B+ and above (studying includes solving tuts). Then, if you're like me, you could try to read all the novels in the library, play AoE, read The Hindu for hours, co-organize a debate and a quiz for Tarang, write for In-DePTh, win money at Cogni, host most of the events held during the year, watch movies, cheer on your Football-crazy friend or just waste your time in nonsensical bakr!

The key is self-discipline: you can do whatever you want but in moderation. Never sacrifice one thing for another. Do everything but make sure you don't forget the most important things. Manage your time well. Then, if you have great friends like I had, maybe you could get a branch change too.

If you do, we (the seniors who got a branch change) are always there to help you out in Roorkee. Getting used to the Main Campus takes time and support. Rest assured, you will have plenty of both.

Good luck!

(This is an article submitted by me for Vol. II Issue I of In-DePTh. It's the first time that I'm making news rather than writing it!)

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