Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Place for Timepass

The Institute Computer Centre (ICC) at IIT Roorkee is the place where people come to waste their time. Sure, there's pressure to complete a project for CE-102 or HS-201, but somehow, a student in the ICC always ends up opening Facebook or GMail - or both!

Entry to the ICC is really posh: you show your SmartCard to a reader, which allows you to enter. if you don't have a card you need to show your ID Card and the watchman will let you use his for entry. Ditto for the exit.

Inside, you need to take off your shoes first and then drop your bag off. There are two Labs meant for students: the PC Lab and the Internet Lab. Classes for EC-101A/B and CE-201 are also held here. There's is also the Param Lab (named after IITR's Supercomputer PARAM).

Upstairs you have more labs as well as a conference hall. All the rooms are air-conditioned.

But what's the use of these great features without fast Internet? I can't quantify the exact download speed but just a few minutes back, I downloaded a 188 MB program in less than 2 minutes! Of course, the speed keeps fluctuating but overall, it's pretty fast. There's also a silly password that's pasted on the wall (icc_lab2005/10/09) but that's not the Admin password.

We don't have wi-fi in our hostel (yet) so a LOT of second yearites keep roaming into the ICC after 6:00 PM (when the hostel wi-fi turns on). But if only I could get that HS project done...!

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