Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Running Away at 4:00 AM

A month ago, six of us branch changers who didn't have their parents around went to Roorkee and got ourselves registered in our new departments. it was a strange feeling because the place that we simple called 'Roorkee' for a year was now home!

But the real adventure was moving there. Fortunately, all our things were already packed. We (the guys) made a LOT of calls and walked a lot and eventually found a guy who would take his Tata Ace pick-up to Roorkee for Rs. 700. However, we wanted to attend classes the next day, so we decided to leave early in the morning.

By 4:00 AM (or a little after that), we were bringing our stuff to the ground floor. Now that's was no easy task, given the amount of stuff we had collected over a year. Anish was in Indira Bhawan helping Ipsita to load her things. Once that was done, we (with a lot of help from Ayush and Sukant) loaded our stuff and left.

It was strange, looking back at the wall that said INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ROORKEE SAHARANPUR CAMPUS, for the last time attaching some personal value to it. We got a bus to Roorkee and at that unearthly hour, we were off to a new world, to a new life...

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