Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Subjects this time: A Good Mix

This semester, I've got seven subjects once again. Of course, because of my branch change, my subjects are not those that I had expected to study. Nonetheless, the new ones are really interesting.

HS-201: Economics is like the mother of all Humanities courses. it's challenging but extremely interesting.

MI-201: Solid Mechanics is a pretty easy subject. At first it seems like it's all about by-hearing formulas but now we've realised that even that isn't necessary.

PH-201: Physics-II is very intersting but it's not easy. And with a not-so-great professor, this is going to be one of the tough nuts to crack.

CE-201: Computer Aided Graphics is another tough nut. As such it's easy but having to sit in the penultimate row ensures that my attention level in class is all but zero.

ICY-01: Fundamentals of Polymer Chemistry is my first Institute Elective. We get slides a few days before the exam, there's no tension with attendance and the subject itself is pretty easy, close to 12th class level.

CE-251: Building Materials, Construction and Estimation is a serious engineering course and I've already learned more engineering in this course than in my entire first year! A descriptive (that means by-heart) subject, it mainly demands LOTS of good sketches. The lab however, is a lot of fun as we learn methods of quality control.

CE-241: Fluid Mechanics is quite a simple subject and the professor is quite a pro at it. The tuts are pretty easy so far and I don't foresee any trouble in this one. The lab - the ultra-cool Hydraulics lab - is a little hard but since we're playing with water, it's fun.

The only hitch is that we've already gotten a large number of tuts and study work is on at full speed, which is not what I had expected after first year!

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