Friday, September 17, 2010

The Flu and the Food

Conjunctivitis - commonly called "eye flu" - is spreading like wildfire in the hostels of IIT Roorkee and indeed, throughout Roorkee and nearby cities. Although the disease is not dangerous and recovery happens from anywhere between a few hours to a week, it has caused quit a lot of inconvenience to the general crowd, what with ignorant people believing that a laser of bacteria shoots out from the eye, so that if you look at an infected person's eye you will be infected, although sitting next to the person or even kissing them has no such effect!

Somehow, I've been spared (maybe it's because I already had it in Class 11, but I'm not sure it's that kind of a disease). So, how have the not-so-fortunate been coping? By mixing stylish clothes with dark glasses, so that they look like they're just come from a disco to the morning's class!

Oh, and about the food. After a brief period in which the quality was on the rise, it has fallen back to terra firma. Lunch is getting worse and worse, with baingan being served twice a week! And IMG's new idea to make the mess menu interactive is a flop show for us because the all-new RKB is not even listed on Channel-i! Amazingly, what was once the worst meal of the day - breakfast - is not the best, because lunch and dinner have fallen so low.

So, with an infectious disease and sub-standard food, life at IITR is great. How's yours?

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