Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Media and the Games

Over the last few weeks, a lot of controversy about the 2010 Commonwealth Games has been generated, mostly about the shoddy pace of work.

However, the last few days has seen the media concentrate almost relentlessly on the cleanliness of the Games Village. The sight of spit-stained basins and dirty toilets disgusted everyone. And the declaration the the Village was 'uninhabitable' was a shame for the entire country.

However, the media appears to have lost control all over again. Perhaps peeved by the media blackout that the OC delcared (and subsequently lifted), the media has been making a case that India is unfit to host the games. Completely ignoring the positives of the Village - such as most of the residential buildings, the International area and the dining hall - the media has been depicting some rooms in bad condition as though the entire village is in that state!

Clearly, the media has yet again lost control of itself. True, the media is supposed to report the truth. But it is supposed to report the whole truth, not just the "juicy" stuff. The Indian media keeps forgetting that, somehow. But this time, they've painted the whole nation in black through their irresponsible reporting.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not calling for censorship of the media. But I'm calling for control, regulation. The media's attempt at self-regulation has failed atb each and every step: not a single example of success exists! Thus, we need a Government-run (I typed it correctly) regulator. It is not uncommon (Britain has one too). The regulator need not control the media, only make sure that it doesn't get ahead of itself.

This is no laughing matter: the Indian media has gone out of control and something needs to be done.

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