Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh, those Mid-Terms

Well, after four days (including a holiday in between), the mid-terms finally came to an end. I must admit, they were worse than I had expected.

In short, I can say that exams which I had expected would go badly (CE-201, PH-201) went extremely well, while those which I had hoped would go well (HS-201, MI-201, ICY-01) went badly. CE-241, on which I already had pretty low hopes, was the worst exam of all and I can hope for 10 marks out of 35 at best! Luckily, the exams ended with CE-251, which was a rather unusual exam where we just had to keep drawing sketches!

Well, the exams were a very irritating experience indeed, what with the holiday packed in between and the fact that we weren't able to set our own schedule for the Core subjects. And, given the lack of sleep over the exam days, it felt funny to attempt a night out on the night after the last exam!

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