Monday, September 6, 2010

Theatre of Absurd

The recent happenings in the notorious world of Indian Hockey can only be described as a theatre of absurd. First, following a revelation of massive corruption, the Sports Ministry disbanded the official Hockey organization of the India: the Indian Hockey Federation (IHF). It then went on to replace it with a new body called Hockey India (HI).

Later on however, the Supreme Court declared the disbanding of IHF to be illegal and restored it, thus rendering HI a private organisation. Then, a controversy arose around which organization - the IHF and its sister organization, the Indian Women's Hockey Federation (IWHF) or HI would sent a team for the Hockey World Cup. The Supreme Court went as far as suggesting that the IOA send a team, although the IOA does not have the competence or authority to do that.

And there is also the controversy over who the International Olympic Association recognises. Overall, the whole situation has become so complex that the focus has been lost entirely from the game. Oh, did somebody say "National Sport"?

With so much bureaucracy and politics running the show in Indian hockey, does it surprise anybody that the sport is in such a dismal state in India? We can only hope that things get sorted out: but I'm not optimistic.

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