Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bring out the Truth

The 2010 Commonwealth Games was undoubtedly a great success. Despite the initial hiccups, the event went like clockwork. India won 101 medals, including 39 Gold Medals: the highest ever for the country in any CWG. The opening and closing ceremonies were spectacular, Delhi was painted with gloss and the Games Lanes worked perfectly (to my great surprise, I admit).

However, now that the event has ended, it is time to assess the damage. Already, the PM has setup a one-man committee to go through the entire financial mess. The CAG and the CVC are busy going through the Games expenditure. According to several sources, including the BJP President, the expenditure for the games has been INR 70,000 crore! Most of this money has gone due to corruption.

Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit's cheap technique of blaming OC Chairman Suresh Kalmadi for everything, as if she is a clean angel, deserves contempt. A thorough investigation is required and all those found guilty, whoever they may be or whatever their contacts may be, must be brought into the public domain. The CAG has promised to complete the investigation process in three months, following which it will be submitted to the Government and subsequently Parliament. MPs must scrutinize the report threadbare and those guilty must be brought to book.

INR 70,000 cr is no small amount for a country like India. The people demand a transparent investigation and strong action. The Prime Minister's reputation is at stake here, if not the very legitimacy of the UPA Government.

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