Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Signs of Immaturity

According to reports, former Pakistani military dictator Pervez Musharraf told German Magazine Der Speigel that under him, the military did indeed train terrorists to fight in Kashmir and that the Nawaz Sharif Government kept quiet about it because it was unable to make any headway on Kashmir. The former General also went on to blame the entire world for Pakistan's faults and insisted that Pakistan exists only because of Kashmir.

His words betray a sense of immaturity so characteristic of Pakistan's military, which virtually runs the country's foreign (and to a large extent, domestic) policy. By tying everything to Kashmir, the army elite has wrecked the roots of Pakistan, destroyed its economy and, perhaps the worst of all, ensured that democracy never really takes root in "Midnight's Other Child."

The former dictator made a case that foreign powers should solve the issue for Pakistan ("solve" here means that they should force India to give up Kashmir to Pakistan) instead of going after strategic deals with India. Well, Mr. Musharraf, Pakistan is treated like a rogue state because that what it is: a country that has fermented trouble across the world. It is a reality that foreign policy favours strategically important countries and Pakistan could have become such a country had it assumed a more mature foreign policy. But dictators seldom think with a cool head, and that's why we have the situation today.

I wish the All Pakistan Muslim League good luck as it adds another piece to Pakistan's political chessboard. Although I seriously doubt is can make even the slightest dent.

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