Friday, November 19, 2010

And So Ends Sem 3

I missed the first class but attended all the others; I discovered the limitations (CE-201) of the best Civil Dept in India; and I changed my life forever. In short, that was my third semester at IIT Roorkee and the first in the Dept of Civil Engineering.

Thew Time Table (above) is one that was mutilated several times, but also one that I had gotten used to. The THS-201 class happened just thrice, one of them because we insisted. The TMI-201/TCE-251 classes were a major bore since all I could do was sit and sleep. My favourite class was undoubtedly LHS-201 on Tuesday (Macroeconomics), while the one I hated the most was LCE-201, also on the same day.

Now, for the practicals. We had three this semester: P/2 CE-241 (the Hydraulics Lab), which was rather scary and left us in jitters the night before, mainly because of the instructor (who, luckily, didn't extend his strictness to grades); P/2 CE-251 (the Concrete Lab), which was like a dream come true and was undoubtedly the most hands-off lab I ever had; and PCE-201 (the CAG Lab), which was nothing more than a really bad joke, since neither the instructors nor the students they were supposed to be instructing knew how to use the software.

I'm thoroughly disappointed with my elective, ICY-01. Although it was not burdensome, it was not fun either and left me rather bored with hardly any uptick in my knowledge. That's why I opted for IMA-01 next semester.

Overall, this semester, the first after my branch change, was a huge change, although I'm not sure whether it was for better or worse. Nonetheless, it was change and one thing I can guarantee: I'm absolutely satisfied by the academics in CED.

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