Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Full Investigation is a Must

Now that the report of the CAG is out on the huge scam related to the allocation of 2G Spectrum, the revelations are as expected. Former Telecom Minister A Raja, of the DMK, has been charged with flouting norms and causing a huge loss to the exchequer.
Almost on queue, A Raja resigned from the Union Cabinet just before the release of the report. That however, does not absolve him from his wrongdoings. The Opposition has been stalling Parliament since the session began over the issue and the UPA Government cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the issue.
The CAG, the Opposition and even a whistleblower have all painted A Raja guilty, yet he continues to insist on his innocence and hides behind the PMO. This is simply unacceptable. The Government has no choice but to yield to the Opposition's demand for a JPC into all the three major scams of the UPA: the 2G Spectrum Scam, the CWG Scam and the Adarsh Housing Society Scam. Resignation is not enough.

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