Friday, December 24, 2010

God Save Hyderabad

The Srikrishna Committee (SKC) Report will submit its report on the situation in Andhra Pradesh on December 31 and already, OU students and their political puppeteers are roaring about what arson they intend to indulge in (assuming they do not get their separate state, but that's an unmentioned point).

Clearly, the entire state of Andhra Pradesh is going to fall into turmoil irrespective of what the outcome is. Several companies of Central Paramilitary Forces have been called in and the stage is set for what could be the biggest confrontation since the Nizam was brought down in Hyderabad's Parade Grounds.

What I fear the most is the fate of Hyderabad: the crown jewel of the state and the real crux of the fight. Both sides want Hyderabad for its high levels of development and profitable real estate. But what about the people of Hyderabad? What do they want?

They want peace; they are are tired of political dramas and indefinite bandhs; they want to get on with their lives free from political violence; and they want nobody from any part of the State or the country to tell them what their city should or should not be like. As our ally, we have the new CM Kiran Kr. Reddy, a Hyderabadi boy, which is quite rare in India's political scenario (how many CM's of Maharashtra were from Mumbai?)

Today, the drama king Chandrababu Naidu, who was on hunger strike form 8 days ironically for farmers, broke his fast for no real reason (of course, he'll make up something). The wonderful message from this is that the Chief Minister has refused to budge because of the hunger strike: he has given a clear indication that he will not allow political jokers to derail development and governance.

Will this political courage displayed by Kiran Kr. Reddy be able to survive the Telangana fire? Only time will tell. But I do hope that my city remains as it has always been: loving, cosmopolitan and peaceful.

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