Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Beckons

It was a strange semester, with the mid-term break coming close to the end of the semester. Nonetheless, as I had said a month and a half back, it's time to go back.

I've decided to go by train this time, mainly because it's been so long since I used this means of travel. I've got plenty of time - three weeks - to stay at home, so I'm taking it light.

I'll be taking a late night train from SRE to NZM and from catch the 7:30 AM AP Sampark Kranti Exp to Hyderabad. By 9:00 AM on Dec. 9, I'll arrive at Sec'bad station.

This break will be really special since I'll be attending my cousin's marriage. It's been so long since I've actually been to a marriage, let alone a relative's, that I'm not even sure of what the ceremonies are about! Still, it'll be great fun!

And of course, there's the food at home... oh, so delicious, available without a line! Oh, I can't wait. Hyderabad, here I come!

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