Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking for Opportunities


The year 2009 ended on a high note as I had finished my first semester at IIT Roorkee. With the constant fears of the seniors behind me and having gotten used to New Malviya Bhawan, I was looking forward to a great semester ahead.

And I certainly got it. The semester had Tarang and Cognizance Evolution, In-Depth as well as some wonderful subjects (PH-101, EC-101A and MA-102 to be precise).

The spring fest of IITR was an amazing experience! The stage, the events, the people: it all seemed so magical. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful senior - Abhimanyu - who let me co-organize the literary events Podium with him. I wasn't just noting down names for registration of noting scores, I was the host, I was talking to people, I was coordinating what turned out be a very successful event. In fact, I was living my dreams!

It was the first time in my life that I was doing something like this. We organized Crossfire, a debate event, where we saw huge participation that went way beyond our expectations. Although I had prepared the PPT, me, Vaishali and Piyush had to make up new topics at short notice! With Sanjith sir and Bakshi sir as our judges, the event stretched into the night and we decided to hold a second round.

The second round was spectacular and I was proud to have been a part of it. After Crossfire, we organized a quiz - Fundamentals - that was a bit too hard for the teams. With less than 10% of the questions having been answered correctly, the event was fun but not up to our expectations. Still, given that it was the first ever that we had organized, it was great!

We also wanted to have another informal event - Ship Wreck - but time didn't allow for that. We prepared for the event at night, enjoyed other events in the morning and afternoon and conducted out events in the evening. Sleeping just 4-5 hours, I had loads of fun.

I was also part of In-JOY, the official newsletter of Tarang'10, which took up whatever remaining time I had.

Overall, Tarang'10 was a spectacular event that helped me live my dreams, and an event that I will never forget.

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