Thursday, December 9, 2010

Really, Anyone Can Cook


Producer: Pixar/Disney
Directors: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava
Screenplay: Brad Bird, Jim Capobianco
Pros: Excellent story, lively animation, great voice-over, the rat is cute
Cons: Tends to be a bit repetitive with the antics
Rating: ***** (5 of 5)
Winner of an Academy Award

Anyone who has done it will tell you that reviewing an animated movie is much harder than a regular one, mainly because an animated film does that not the regular actors, props and lighting to comment on. Nonetheless, watching an animated movie is always fun, and Ratatouille was a joy to watch.

Remy has a big problem in life: he's a rat. But he's not like all the other rats: he's a cook too. And a really good one. He discovers the joy of putting diverse ingredients together and comes under the tutelage of the world's greatest chef's book: Anyone Can Cook, bu Gusteau. Fate takes Remy from the sewers to Gusteau's now-downtrodden restaurant and there, he pairs up with Linguini as they save the restaurant from collapse.

The movie's plot is by no means simple, but it is simple to follow. One major flaw that animated films have is that they do not make use of finer senses (read, eyes) to convey a thought. This movie however, does not suffer from that. Without using any words, the rat's emotions are conveyed beautifully. The splendid display of the Eiffel Tower and the fast-paced kitchen scenes make for a delightful watch.

The real strength of the movie is in the screenplay. The dialogues fit perfectly and the little speech at the end is not droning but rather, enjoyable.

Overall, this movie is appealing to both kids and adults alike. It's beauty lies in its innovation and simplicity. If you haven't seen this one, you haven't seen any animated movie worth watching. (OTFS)

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