Monday, January 3, 2011

For Heaven's Sake, Talk

Now that the SKC report is sumbitted and the Central government is going through it, the situation in Andhra Pradesh's political circles seems tense. The Union Government has called the eight parties from the states to discuss the issue on Jan. 6.
As always, the TRS has decided to become the proverbial kabaab mein haddi. It, along with the BJP (which has played a highly irresponsible role in the whole affair), has refused to participate in the crucial meeting, calling for the Centre to virtually ignore the SKC report and create their new state.
Such political posturing in unacceptable. What AP needs today is political maturity on this serious time. Hyderabad is a wreck today: nobody wants to invest here due to the uncertainity, as clearly indicated by relative real estate prices in the city vis-a-vis other metros. The unprecedented security in the city, which was last seen during the fall of the Nizam, portends difficult times ahread if parties do not show maturity.
By stonewalling the all-important meeting in New Delhi, the TRS and BJP have once again proved that they are irresponsible parties that only work through hooliganism and cannot stand on a democratic plank. It is necessary for the Centre to remain firm and not give in. Andhra Pradesh is a state of the Union of India and cannot be left to these political clowns.

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