Friday, January 14, 2011

An Inhuman Order

In the peak of the greatest cold wave that the current generation in IIT Roorkee has ever seen, a notice from the DOSW stood out as being the most inconsiderate and inhuman yet.

First, a background check. As per the Institute's standing orders, students are allowed to keep any electric gadget in their room except for a computer/laptop. However, it is a fact that over 70% of all students own heaters, which is absolutely essential for survival in near-zero temperatures.

The notice in question simply notes that electricity consumption has increased sharply in all the Bhawans (surprise, surprise!). It goes on to mention, in a rather threatening manner, that students should conserve electricity.

The notice is simply outrageous. This is the most severe winter in recent history. Every faculty room, faculty home, office, Esst. B homes (those who can afford it, that is) and watchman's cabin in the institute has a heater. It seems that the only people who are completely barred from owing one are students. No Bhawan has a heater installed in the TV Room or any other Common Room. Students are expected to brave the cold themselves by whatever means.

Add to that the inhuman idea of ordering classes at 8 AM - a system that is already showing cracks - and it is amply clearly that the so-called DOSW does not really seem to care much for "Students' Welfare." I would even say that until and unless (God forbid) some students dies, the authorities will simply brandish their outdated Standing Orders and leave students to rot.

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