Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Logo for RKB

As per the directions of the SAC, Radhakrishnan Bhawan (RKB) and all the other Bhawans are to have their own unique logo. Invitations were invited for suggested logos for RKB, and this was what I submitted.

The cricket bat represents sports and pleasure while the book represents academics and work. The symmetry shows a perfect balance between the two.
The LAN Cable signifies the ability to absorb new ideas, one of the ideals of Dr. Radhakrishnan.
The sun shows heightened spirituality and an ambition to remain above all else and also to treat all humans as equals.
2010 is the first year when the Bhawan was used.
Radhakrishnan Bhawan and IIT Roorkee are written in a circular form to signify all-rounded education.
One has to achieve not merely technical efficiency but greatness of Spirit.’ The last three words of this quote from Dr. Radhakrishnan make up the slogan of the Bhawan, because while technical efficiency comes from the Department, greatness of spirit comes from the Bhawan.

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