Saturday, January 8, 2011

Semester 4: The Most Hectic One Yet

Another semester, another set of subjects. It would have gotten terribly monotonous if not for the fact that the subjects just seem to get more and more interesting! So, with my first week of classes ending on a rather high note, I think it's time to comment on my new subjects.

First, the non-DCC subjects. This semester, we are treated to the most boring subjected devised by man - ES-201: Introduction to Geo-Science. An absolutely pointless subject that seems to deal with rocks, rocks and more rocks, it consists of an unending list of minerals that we are supposed to commit to memory. Although the class is just two hours a week, it feels like much more.

Then, we have BM-201: Management Concepts and Practices. After HS-201, I wasn't expecting much from this course, but I was wrong! Now, six teachers would take this peculiar course, so it is a bit premature to comment. Nonetheless, this was the last class of the week and nobody slept at all for the two hours. A Guest Faculty, who is actually a practising CA who also teaches, the teacher is the best I ever had so far, answering over a hundred questions from the whole class with due diligence.

After the terrible experience I had with ICY-01, this time's elective is a breath of fresh air. IMA-01: Advanced Engineering Mathematics brings me into the same class as our year's IR-1 (Institute Rank 1; or maybe he's IR-2? Doesn't matter), making for a nice challenge, although most of our subjects have been common before. The subject itself is very interesting and will be my last Maths course at UG level.

Now, for the department courses. CE-212: Water Supply Engineering, from the Environmental Engineering Group, is a rather boring subject, but the practicals are exceptional This subject, for some reason, amalgamates the practicals for CE-102, CE-212 and CE-311, thus getting a distribution of 3-1-2. The lab is probably the cleanest f all the Civil labs, but I can't say it's the best.

CE-222: Principles of Surveying is an all-out practical-oriented, hands-on subject, that will see us using theodolites, measuring tapes and other instruments three hours a week all around IITR. Being our first subject from the Geomatics Engineering Group, it is being taken up slowly, but is sure to be interesting.

CE-242: Channel Hydraulics is the next step in fluid mechanics. While CE-241 dealt with mostly pipe flow, CE-242 deals with open channel flow, a critical aspect of agriculture and water management. The practicals are a bit confusing but a lot of fun, while the subject itself is interesting. The Hydraulics Engineering Group is known to be liberal in marking, so this subject does not attract much fear from me, particularly not after my A+ in CE-241.

Lastly, we have CE-252: Structural Analysis-I, our second analysis course and first from the high-profile Structural Engineering Group. The subject already appears challenging and our teacher - the Head of Department no less - has already warned that it would be the hardest course yet. Now, that's a scary thought.

Along with these, I've got my proficiency, PR-506: Literary. Given that I participated in only one quiz and no debate so far, but am an active member of Kshitij, I don't know what grade to expect. As long as its not an F (and it never is), it doesn't matter much, since this is just a one credit nominal course. Still, I should do more in this, and I am trying to.

With a CGPA of 9.2 (approximately), I've placed myself very comfortably and can hope to expand my knowledge this semester in the Department of Civil Engineering.

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