Saturday, January 1, 2011

Surprise, Surprise!

Well, I was wrong. My prediction that my CGPA on 9.038 was unstable and would fall to around 8.5, a more stable number, was totally wrong. As you can see, not only am I still a 9-pointer, I actually increased my "unstable" CGPA!
So, what changed the game? After a shocking B+ in ICY-01 (it was expected, but still, given how other people scored, I thought an A might be on the cards), and an A in MI-201 (just 0.75 away from an A+), it seemed as though I was indeed going to fall into the 8-range. The A+'s in HS-201 and PH-201 were expected, but not enough. A in CE-201 was not a disappointment but it did leave me nervous about where my CGPA was going.
And once I got back to Roorkee to see my final grades, the shock came. An unexpected, out of the blue A+ in CE-241 and a surprising but not so unexpected A+ in CE-251. Together, not only did these two wipe away any anxieties I had but also shot my SGPA up to 9.478, thus ensuring another semester for me as a 9-pointer.
Of course, many others scored a 9-point SGPA and some just entered the 9-point CGPA domain. Clearly, the branch changers have changed the scene in Civil Engineering!

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