Monday, January 3, 2011

A Worrisome Situation

The Federal Government of Pakistan now faces its most serious political crisis since the fall of Prevez Musharaff. First the Awami National Party of Balochistan and now the MQM of Sindh: both parties, although still regional allies in coalition governments in their respective states, have withdrawn from the Federal Government.

Although they have not withdrawn support - yet - the PPP now funds itself alone. Any mistaken political moves would easily bring down the administaration in a time when Pakistan faces some of its most grave crises since Partition. From a wrecked economy, wrecked further by last year's devastating floods, to insurgency, militancy and the War on Terror, as well as continued strains with India, make it necessary that a stable, democratically-elected Government remain on top.

So desperate is the Gliani Government to save itself that it has appealed to nemesis PML(N) for help: which of course, is not forthcoming. Although nobody is interested in pulling down the Government (as of now), there is always an imminent danger of a crisis erupting: and a good Government cannot be held hostage to that.

Pakistan needs a strong Government right now, one that can concentrate on its duties rather than its political survival. it would be best is the ANP and MQM, in the larger interest of the nation, do not bring regional politics to the National level.

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