Monday, February 14, 2011

A Day for Birds to Chirp and Donkeys to Bray

Oh, did anyone notice? It's Valentine's Day today! Well, you must have noticed, what with the endless stream of SMSes, declaring that my "lover" (I wonder who) sent me everything from a personalized song to flowers to a racy message! Did you know that yesterday was kiss day? And the day before that hug day?

If you're not LYAO over these ridiculous days, then wait till the day after V-Day, when the newspapers are sure to be full of stories of revolution and citizens taking the law into their own hands. No, not criminal law, but Moral Law! The law of Ram, Sita, Krishna and other great people whom we should emulate every Feb. 14 (and not on any other day).

Oh, what happened last year? Well, there was this brother-sister duo who, walking to the market, were stopped and married off by Shiv Sainiks! But wait, after that gaffe, the Ayatollah of Morality, the Sri Ram Sene (no, there's just one them, despite the plural) has decided to hold lectures on Indian morality in DU. OMG, what an idea! This is called real moral science and this lecture is sure to be as interesting as all college lectures! Of course, they should pull the curtains so that they can't have a look outside, otherwise the view on V-Day would bring the curtains down on their lectures.

So, if you're one of those poor souls who has fallen into the V-Day trap, have a fun day and don't worry too much about the moral police. Although you might want to find a private spot this time, because apart from the DU lectures, they're also talking of making secret videos and posting them on YouTube! Hmm... perhaps they did their homework in JNU?

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