Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here Comes Trouble

Ah, the blissful first weeks of this semester, like everything blissful in life, have finally come to an end. Long weeks, with hardly any studying and infinite bakar must now give way to that dastardly invention: Mid-Term I.

As always, I present my hopes and (rather low) expectations from this exam. It all begins on Thursday, Feb. 17, with ES-201. Truly speaking, this is a very time-pass kind of subject. All I have to do is memorize some 300-odd slides and I'm done. With a guarantee from the prof that the questions will be mostly objective type, I can hope for good results here. Similar is the story for BM-201. It's not exactly easy, but Finance is something that I've always been interested in and, with a little more preparation, I hope to do well here too.

Day 2 starts with the most abhorrent subject of all, CE-252. The key to this course is very simple: learn every solved example in the Prof's book. It's true! So, all I have to do is study half the syllabus (you read right, he's already finished half the syllabus!) and I might be luck enough not to get a zero, because he believes in digital marking! After that exam, from which I have no hopes, I have CE-222. This is a pretty easy subject and I hope to do well here. The only problem is that I tend to goof up my calculations a lot, which is death in this subject. But I remain optimistic on this one.

Day 2 ends with IMA-01. Truly speaking, this is the only subject this semester that I had actually developed a liking for. While I've done all the tutorials (well, almost), I'm still a bit worried. The problem is also that there are some really smart CSE people in my class, including a certain Mr. 10-pointer, and they're sure to siphon off some of the A+'s. There are also the seniors-who-are-forced-to-study-with-juniors, who showed in my last elective that they can get the best grades with very little work!

Day 3 is pretty straightforward. It starts with CE-212, a simple enough subject. I only hope that they don't ask anything outside the slides because this, being from the Environment Engineering Group, already offers very little by way of interest and I really don't think I can get myself to read Davis/Cornwell after reading the slides and doing the tutorials! Lastly, we have CE-242, the best of the DCCs, and a subject on which I am pinning a lot of hopes. The tuts have been very easy thus far, except maybe the iterative procedures and I hope to see a similar question paper.

Overall, I don't have too many expectations from this sem. I can now be sure of a decent grade in PR-506: Literary and I can master or or two A+'s, it should be good enough. After all, I'm just looking to keep my CG at 8.000, and anything more is just a bonus (it's currently at 9.178!)

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