Saturday, February 19, 2011

IOTY10: The Categories

This year, we've tweaked the awards. There are now more commemorative awards, while the media awards have been
trimmed down to size significantly. And, keeping with the CWG 2010 theme, the sports awards have been vastly expanded.

This year, we will be announcing awards for the seven major categories, beginning with the last one, the OTFS awards.

The categories are:
  • Indian of the Year 2010
  • Troublemaker of the Year
  • Politician of the Year
  • Memorable Visit
  • Best state and city
  • Best Entertainment and News Channels
  • Best Ad
  • Best Movie and Documentary
  • A variety of sports awards, including sportsperson of the year, team of the year and a new category, Sports Body of the Year
  • Businessman and Company of the Year
  • The OTFS Awards for label and documentary of the year

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