Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mr. Clean, now Mr. Complicit

The CWG Scam, the Adarsh Scam, the 2G Spectrum Scam and now the S-Band/"Space" Scam: the second UPA Government seems to have converted this nation into a scam rajya. If there is anything common that runs through this string of scams, it is the PMO.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is often seen as the cleanest politician in India and indeed, one of the cleanest in the world. However, a clean image is no substitute for leadership. The PM is complicit in all these scams because the PM has not done anything about them.

WHile the CWG Scam and the Adarsh Scam just proved (again) that the PM really has no authority in his party and hardly enjoys any support at all from it, the 2G Scam showed that he does not enjoy any credibility in the Union Cabinet either, despite being the head of it. And now, the S-Band Scam shows that he does not even enjoy any credibility amongst bureaucrats working in his own Ministry (the PMO, that is). Everybody seems to feel free to do as they please because they are sure that the PM is not going to do anything about it.

Dr. Singh should realise that he is fast losing credibility amongst the very voters who voted for his party just to see him come back to power. The rot of corruption now stands at his own doorstep and could soon end his Government. For his own good, he needs to show the kind of spunk that he did during the 123 Agreement. If not, he would be held guilty of complicity by history in the most corrupt Union Cabinet we have ever had.

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