Friday, February 11, 2011

A Poor Joke


Producer: Indian Films
Director: Sooni Taraporevala
Starring: Jahan Batlivala, Boman Irani, Imad Shah and others
Rating: * (1 of 5)
Pros: A cute little boy with a story to tell
Cons: Everything else: no coherent story, terrible music and lousy acting

The Parsi community in India is one that everyone knows about but nobody cares to remember. Now, we have a movie (in English, with a smattering of Gujarati) to tell us about them. If only it actually did that.

Little Zizou, aka Xerxes (Jahan), is a big fan of Big Zizou (Zidane, the football player) but sadly, his hero never comes to visit Bombay. In the meantime, Zizou's elder brother Arta (Imad Shah) is trying to sleep with a girl, but his plans are dashed by a much, much better-looking rival (John Abraham, in a guest role). Add to that a mad father who is training an Army and several other goofy characters, and you get a potpourri of India's Parsis.

Alas, too many cooks spoil the broth. And this one needs to be thrown out, baby and all. The story is essentially direction less; you can never understand what the point really is. It just goes on and on with no real purpose. At one time you have a beach-house-cum-former hotel that needs to be sold; then you have a love story; and to top it all off, you have a heart attack and a death. Oh, did I mention the cult? This story bores you and really tests your patience.

Some would say that this is a growing-up story. They would be wrong. There is no story here. It's not funny, it's not sad, it's not thrilling, it's simply a test of one's patience. Apart from the well-made caricatures, there is no emotion in the movie. Apart from Boman Irani, who does a good job, all the other actors are lifeless.

This is one movie that I regret watching; I deleted it from my laptop the moment it ended. I warn you: do not watch this. It isn't worth your semi-precious time! (OTFS)

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