Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bring it Home

All the big names from India and many from Pakistan were present at the PCA stadium. The entire subcontinent came to a halt as every eye was glued to the big game. India v Pakistan matches tend to make big news, and this one did not fail.

Prior to the match, statistics were aplenty: India never lost to Pak in a World Cup match,. or that Pak never lost a match at the PCA Stadium in Mohali. At the end though, it all came down to some fine cricket from both sides. India maintained its record and defeated Pakistan to move into the finals for the first time since 2003, where it was defeated by Australia.

This time however, the Australians have already been vanquished (by India at that) and it's a match in the subcontinent, by the subcontinent and for the world (cup). Following England's defeat, India and Sri Lanka face off on April 2 in what promises to be a battle of epic proportions that will truly test the South Asian giants of cricket.

After staying down under for over a decade, the World Cup is set to come to its new home in South Asia. But for Indian fans, nothing short of a victory at Mumbai will suffice. The Indian team is charged up with their win over Pak and a victory at the finals would be the icing on the cake.

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