Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Final Weeks of Second Year

Well, they say good things seldom last long. My week-long break at home from the hustle and bustle of Roorkee has come to an end. This time tomorrow, I'll be having some not-so-appetizing dinner at the RKB Mess.

Of course, it's only a short duration of the semester that's left. Next week will be devoted almost entirely to studies because MTE-2 begins on Saturday. Once the hurdle of the mid-terms is over, there might be a bit of excitement. One more issue of Kshitij is due to come out and I can see that it is going to hinge, to a large extent, on whether the English Ed can get its work done on time. And given the current situation, I can say that it cannot.

Anyway, there's also the regular parliamentary debates, which are always a pleasure to participate in. I might also go to PEC in mid-April for a PD, although that's unconfirmed. There's also RKB Bhawan's Day on the 16th, which I am looking forward too. There might also be some farewell or something like that in the Department, although I can't confirm that.

Then there is the real work: the end-term practical exams. While CE-252 and CE-242 practical exams will be quite simple (particularly the former), CE-222 will be challenging because it depends on sheer skill and CE-212 will be outright hellish because it depends completely on rote memorization of chemicals and procedures, not to mention theory from CE-222, CE-102 and CE-311, which we haven't even studied yet!

Then, finally, there will be the end-term exams. While MTE-1 more and less gave an indication of the path ahead, I am very worried about my elective, IMA-01. I need to concentrate on it.

With nothing much beyond exams scheduled for the next month and a half, I'll probably be able to slip in not more than one novel from the library, maybe two if I'm lucky. Beyond that, there will be no time. The best part about exams is that they eat up a lot of time, particularly the ETE. So the next six-seven weeks should pass by in a flourish, after which I'll be able to kiss my second year goodbye and welcome what could be the most important year of all - Third Year.

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