Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm on my way

It was cold and then it was hot. And it didn't change, although I was hoping it would.
They were boring and they didn't improve, although I was hoping they would.
It was supposed to be boring, but was super-fun, just as I had hoped it would.
They're fun and I'm waiting for more, just as I was hoping I would.

It's been just two and a half months of Spring Semester 2010-11, but it's been some of the best moments I've had at IIT Roorkee so far. My induction into LitSec (Parliamentary Debate Group) gave me a second line of membership into the cultural council, after Kshitij. The academics proved vigorous this semester, what with the difficult subjects, the endless iterative calculations and the long practicals.

This semester also saw Cognizance 2011. It was new for me given the fact that I had not gone to the Roorkee campus like I did last year. Cogni was amazing with me adding another feather to my cap by participating in the first IITR MUN.

We brought out - finally, I must add - the second issue of Kshitij and the first one to carry my story. KJ has had a special place in my heart, given that I joined it when I was in a most desperate situation and that I've some some of the best people ever through it. Now, we have to work on the next issue. I am happy to say now that I am fully recognized as a second year member.

In the middle, I had a pretty upset stomach and that increased my longing to have some home-cooked food. Well, now that time has come. Friday evening, I'll be home in the city of Hyderabad, ready to sleep on my comfortable bed and eat food that every human being deserves.

I can't wait!

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