Sunday, March 20, 2011

IOTY10: And The Winners Are...

The last year was a testing one for India. On the one hand, South India's largest state faced massive turmoil, while on the other, the ULFA looked as though it was on the verge of defeat. India's well-oiled ego was badly bruised when the BBC gave the world a sneak peek of the CWG Village bathroom, but that proved to be a boon in disguise as the OC and the Delhi Government fire up with passion and got its act together in record time. And of course, the Games were a smashing success.

The series of scams that came up after the Games, as well as the IPL fiasco that saw Shashi Tharoor lose his job as Mos in the MEA put a spanner in the Government's propaganda machine.

That and many more things changed this country and took it forward into another year of its post-Independence history. OTFS recalls those who figured most prominently in the affairs of the year. Welcome to the 2010 Opinions 24x7 Indian of the Year.

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