Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IOTY10: Community Awards

State of the Year
Uttarakhand and Haryana
Uttarakhand, for showing the best results after a decade of formation amongst the three states that were formed by the NDA Government in 2001.
Haryana, for promoting sports at the grassroots and bringing glory to the country at CWG2010 and the Asian games 2010.

City of the Year
In 2010, Imphal bore the brunt of a massive illegal economic blockade at the hands of Naga student organizations in support of the NSCN(IM). The blockade lasted for over 60 days and created a humanitarian crisis. In the same year, Imphal saw its daughter - Irom Sharmila - enter the tenth year of her Gandhian protest. For being witness to these two extremes, Imphal is awarded City of the Year.

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