Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IOTY10: Media Awards

Entertainment Channel of the Year
India's Got Talent Khoj 2 differed from other talent shows in that it was low on histrionics and actually introduced a number of simple, down-to-earth but highly talented Indians who won the hearts of Indians all over. For bringing such a great relief to the Indian masses, Colors receives this award.

News Channel of the Year
In Operation Bitter Pill, CN-IBN's journalist showed how some of Delhi's poshest hospitals refused care to the poor and vulnerable despite having assured the Government that they would in return for land concessions. The report was taken notice of by Prof. Kiran Walia, Delhi's Health Minister.

Documentary of the Year
India's Golden Girls, 30 Minutes, CNN-IBN
They prepared against the most compelling of circumstances and brought glory to the nation at CWG2010 and the Asian Games, but the girls from India's small towns and villages seldom faced any support from officialdom or even common citizens. For bringing their stories to its viewers, CNN-IBN's documentary received this award.
*This is the first time that the Documentary of the Year is one produced in India by an Indian channel.

Movie of the Year
In the era of silver screen pulp fiction and mindless comedies, Udaan came as a breath of fresh air. A tale of right of passage and growing up, it could have been any one's story, but yet, it was nobody's until the movie was made. With beautiful music and excellent acting, this movie moved its viewers.

Ad of the Year
Kerala Tourism
The very mention of Government Ads brings to mind childish displays full of preachy and cheesy lines. Kerala Tourism's ad however, breaks that stereotype. Thoroughly professional and full of emotion, this is one ad that one could watch again and again for its sheer elegance.

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