Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IOTY10: Political Awards

Politician of the Year
Jayprakash Narayan, MLA, Andhra Pradesh
For standing on the side of justice and showing statesman-like behaviour even in the most difficult of situations in what was the most difficult year for Andhra Pradesh since the state was created. Dr. JP earned the respect of every citizen in the state because of his calm yet well-reasoned understanding of a situation in the midst of a charged atmosphere.

Troublemaker of the Year
Sheila Dixit, MS Gill and Suresh Kalmadi
For making a mockery of deadlines, receiving a severe rebuke from the Prime Minister and making a fool of themselves during the preparations for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. In particular, Sheila Dixit for trying to pass the buck on corruption and Kalmadi for making the term "world-class" sound vulgar.

Memorable Visit of the Year
President Obama's India Visit
The only successful leg of his longer visit to the "Asian Arc of Democracy," the visit saw the rare sight of an American President bargaining for Indian money to create jobs in America. His charismatic style and speech in Parliament, along with his wife's interactions with children, made the visit a memorable one.

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