Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lets Hope for the Best

As India's ambitions to top the League table come to test this Saturday against the West Indies, an ominous silence prevails all across the Indian plains.

Last Saturday's disastrous match against South Africa was a crushing blow. While it seemed that India could make history by beating its record for highest score in a World Cup, what with Sachin Tendulkar's record century, all hopes were dashed when the rest of the team fell in quick succession, so that the Indian side could not even complete their fifty overs.

South Africa's impressive performance deserves praise. They seemed to be all but defeated while Sachin was piling on the boundaries, but their astonishingly quick recovery and subsequent victory is sure to have pleased them. For India, this is a clear sign that they the team needs to work harder and, if necessary, make tough cuts.

The battle might have been lost, but the war is on. Amends can and need to be made. Ultimately, the pride of the nation is at stake here. No matter what, a billion Indians are always behind Dhoni's men in blue. This time for India!

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