Monday, March 21, 2011

No People's Court

Following The Hindu's WikiLeaks Indian Cables, the Congress faced a thousand cuts and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was forced to defend himself once again on the floor of Parliament. As always, the arguments were pretty far-fetched and ended with the standard line - "The Court of the People rejected the allegations in 2009."

This is a pretty stupid argument that regularly comes from the Congress camp. There is no such thing as a court of the people. Elections are no substitutes for judicial trials. If the congress' logic was to be accepted, then we could very well do away with judicial proceedings and instead call for referendums on everything under the sun. At least that would clear up the overburdened judiciary once and for all!

A more dangerous extension of this logic is that any and all criminal acts committed by politicians can be wiped off through an election victory. The Congress regularly harps on about Narendra Modi and the Gujarat massacre. Well, Mr. Modi has been cleared by the court of the people not once but twice. Following the Bofors scam (also revealed by The Hindu), Rajiv Gandhi lost two thirds of his MPs: are we to assume that the Court of the People held him guilty? And if so, why was he never put behind bars?

Clearly, the Congress is using pathetic logic to save itself from a very tight situation, going as far as to mislead Parliament on the Parliamentary inquiry that followed the Vote of Confidence in 2008. Manmohan Singh no longer stands as Mr. Squeaky Clean, his reputation has been maligned beyond repair. This is not a question of his personal integrity but of his leadership. Clearly, he is a bureaucrat and not a politician, Sadly, the PM is a political post and he will be remembered as one of the very worst PMs Independent India has ever had.

For his own good, Manmohan Singh should resign immediately.

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