Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our New Look

After five years of presenting OTFS in the same format, a lot has changed in technology. New features added by Blogger, new statistical tools and changing tastes have prompted OTFS to go in for a change in its looks. Not the logo: we changed that after the first year and we intend to stick to the current logo for quite some time now.

But the res of the page has undergone some change. A new page - About Opinions 24x7 - has been added for first-time visitors. The new look is called Ethereal, because it looks as though the entire blog is floating in air! The right sidebar has been thinned down because we felt that it was occupying too much space, while the strong divisions between the sections has been lightened to add to the ethereal feel.

The ratings box at the bottom of each post has been removed because it was going unused. Instead, a number of sharing options has been added. We thought of removing Global Eye since new Stats tools allowed us to do the same. But we felt that such data should be shared with viewers so we retained it. As always, there are ample ways to share on Facebook.

So, I hope you enjoy the new-look OTFS!

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