Sunday, March 13, 2011

Session 3: Crisis Averted

After a good night's rest, the delegates were back and even before the session had begun, a draft resolution on the crisis was being prepared. Initially, it called for military sanctions on Russia through the UNSC, but that was watered down to economic sanctions on India and Russia's insistence.

Fortunately, given the huge drop in DPRK's stance, the UK dropped all its hostile moves that it had threatened yesterday.

As the resolution was being discussed, a number of amendments were proposed. India and Pakistan both tried to push through an amendment to either get rid of references to the NPT or add a clause calling for a new order on disarmament. Sadly, while the first one was not allowed by the Chair on a technical ground, the second one was not even raised by it.

Consequently, because of the the clause calling for strengthening of the NPT, India decided to abstain during the vote, although it largely agreed with most of it. Pakistan voted 'No,' while China voted 'Yes.' China was a major disappointment because it was expected to lead Asia in this issue, being the only NPT-enabled NWS from Asia. But it did not and the leadership moved to the West, primarily France, UK and USA, who tried to win over India, seeing Pakistan as a lost case.

The resolution was eventually passed by a simple majority. Now, it was time for something even bigger: the final resolution.

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